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Charles J. Gambin, M.B.A., CCLP, President


Debbie Dowe, Director of Sales & Marketing
Cell: 416-825-8707

Michael C. Gambin
Cell: 416-473-9004


Liz Duncan, Operations
Cell: 416-835-0476

Dalia Martinez, Logistics Coordinator
Cell: 647-502-8707

Glenn Morgan, Logistics Coordinator
Cell: 416-833-7382

Jessy San Roman, Logistics Coordinator
Cell: 416-825-9600

Dave Lewis, Senior Operations Specialist
Cell: 647-502-8707

We aim to provide customers with superior logistics services throughout North America, enhance their success and promote trade and development throughout the region. Our logistics services are supported by valuable industry experience and deliver the highest quality standards. Our logistics team can help you choose the best logistics solution for your needs and budget while determining the type of trailer needed to transport goods helping you achieve your goals.
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